Bus Ride 38


Diary: an exerpt of recording from a bus ride in London, November 10, 2019.

A prosaic Sunday on a London bus drive was interrupted by an adult woman, who narrated the follwing content:

Transcript in progress:

(Kids Talking in Spanish)

(Man yelling in background)

Is this nice … kind of … environment? Lots of children and crazy man.

Huh? Very healthy environment from ( ? ) with a dose of humans. ( ? )

(Man yelling in background)

Yea yea ? …… and …. ? The three of them. If you like trinity. Because he’s coming in town … to do something.

Then you can ask him about strawberries which is (are) fruits in Belgrade in Serbia. (…?…) It’s possible that I can travel with Serbian passport in the Netherlands. It’s possible.

(Man yelling, passengers talking)

Yea Europe is a nice continent, if only that’s a kind of a … I, I don’t know which words to use. How you make a difference between European continent, between … for instance between Serbia and Croatia. 

(Bus broadcasts "Islington Green")

You don’t make a difference. Just like Serbia is … Serbian and … is not in the 1940s welcoming Hitler. Croats did welcome Hitler in 1940s and they’re member of Hitler unity in … monitory erh … What is the monitory program ( ? )? And that’s what the monitory ( ? ) doing in European continent.

(Kid asking “What is she talking about?”)

Instead of expecting a rich place, a country in Europe? No, they make a difference. ( … ? … ) Because they didn’t welcome Hitler. ( …?… ) It’s a punishment.

(Bus: 38 to Victoria)

(Kids talking in Spanish)

And .. that’s also something Serbia … (man sneezing) and in European continent. You know, comparison yea?