Taming Weathers: A Modern History of Hong Kong and Typhoon

驾驭天气:香港和台风的现代史 展览支持:香港信言设计大使 策展人:卞雨佳,葛蕊诗 日期:2019年12月 地点:上海梓耘斋(西岸)艺术空间 Taming Weathers: A Modern History of Hong Kong and Typhoon Curators: Yujia Bian, Ruishi Ge Supported by: Design Trust Hong Kong Venue: TM Studio (West Bund) Art Space, Shanghai 香港与台风有密切的关系,历史上也曾发生过多起致命的灾难。从十九世纪末期英国殖民者的叙述到当今的新闻报道,台风是持续笼罩在香港上空的气候现象。同时,人们对台风的认知也随着时间而改变。过去,对天气现象的恐惧使得台风被形容为“野蛮”,“魔鬼”或“夺命”的天灾。随着科学认知和公共教育程度的提高,香港居民逐渐以更平和的态度接受了这一气候现象。 成立于1883年,香港天文台逐渐建立了一个稳定的热带气旋警告系统,并由视、听两个辅助系统组成。此项目试图检视天文台警告系统的视听构建的起源。与此同时,视觉和听觉的认知方式也是西方现代主义启蒙运动的核心。正如许多哲学家和理论家所提出,视觉和听觉是不可分割的,然而随着参与主体主观的不断变化,历史和档案资料则侧面反映了所谓启蒙范例的不稳定。作为一个互惠系统,视觉系统通常需要使用声波系统协同工作,反之亦然。基于香港天文台的资料,此项目试图呈现视觉和声音系统在历史上的不断变化,并梳理了其时有发生的故障、问题和误解。 Hong Kong and typhoon have a close and explicable relationship, with many deadly ones, such as 1874, 1906, 1937,Continue reading “Taming Weathers: A Modern History of Hong Kong and Typhoon”

Solomon Islands Weather Observatory

  A graphic set for the Anglican Church of Melanesia Environment Observatory. It includes a logo, an observatory record book, and a green apostle certificate. Below are some of the examples:       The project is commissioned by Professor Adam Bobbette (University of New South Wales) and researcher Marie Schlenker (University of Southampton) asContinue reading “Solomon Islands Weather Observatory”

Thought You Know Me Well

      “Thought You Know Me Well” is a micro show within SYMPOIESIS, an artists-curated group exhibition for the Bio Art Residency at the School of Visual Art, New York. It explores nature’s conceit towards humans via metaphorical tales. Through experimentations of bio-materials such as bacteria and fungi, these works take shape via bothContinue reading “Thought You Know Me Well”

Pulverized Eternities: A Visit to Dunes of Newton Creek, Brooklyn

“Every grain of sand was a dead metaphor that equaled timelessness, and to decipher such metaphors would take one through the false mirror of eternity.” – Robert Smithson A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey The photographs were taken during a visit to the industrial zone near Newton Creek in East Williamsburg onContinue reading “Pulverized Eternities: A Visit to Dunes of Newton Creek, Brooklyn”

Cabinet of Curiosities

The history of nature museums embodies influences and exchanges, engaging with broader cultural purposes. Also called the “cabinets of curiosities”, Renaissance museums were personal, quaint, and varied in character. Specimen collections expanded and slowly formed contemporary nature museums, with displayed items arranged in a gridded manner. Referred to as “Temples of Nature” or “Cathedrals ofContinue reading “Cabinet of Curiosities”

Three, Four or Many Encounters at the Museum of Natural History

Short Essay 2016 Among the big names of New York City museums, the American Museum of Natural History wins my most unfamiliarity. In a humid afternoon, I found myself in front of the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life at the American Museum of Natural History. Before this very moment, I walked through the museum giftContinue reading “Three, Four or Many Encounters at the Museum of Natural History”