Pulverized Eternities: A Visit to Dunes of Newton Creek, Brooklyn

“Every grain of sand was a dead metaphor that equaled timelessness, and to decipher such metaphors would take one through the false mirror of eternity.” – Robert Smithson A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey The photographs were taken during a visit to the industrial zone near Newton Creek in East Williamsburg onContinue reading “Pulverized Eternities: A Visit to Dunes of Newton Creek, Brooklyn”

Cabinet of Curiosities

The history of nature museums embodies influences and exchanges, engaging with broader cultural purposes. Also called the “cabinets of curiosities”, Renaissance museums were personal, quaint, and varied in character. Specimen collections expanded and slowly formed contemporary nature museums, with displayed items arranged in a gridded manner. Referred to as “Temples of Nature” or “Cathedrals ofContinue reading “Cabinet of Curiosities”

Three, Four or Many Encounters at the Museum of Natural History

Short Essay 2016 Among the big names of New York City museums, the American Museum of Natural History wins my most unfamiliarity. In a humid afternoon, I found myself in front of the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life at the American Museum of Natural History. Before this very moment, I walked through the museum giftContinue reading “Three, Four or Many Encounters at the Museum of Natural History”

Extended Library Project

Library as Site for Homeless Activism The representation project is an intervention to the section of the studio library project. It intends to provide a stragegy for activists who have no home and thus live in vans. The section is thus a map that provides methods to hijack the library with domestic and demonstrating objects.